Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coming up even againts LA

I went to Wednesday nights game curious to see how many of the 25,000 who purchased tickets to see Mr. Beckham would still show up even though the Englishman would still be at his Beverly Hills home during the match. I came away from Rice-Eccles feeling much like the 2-2 scoreline - pretty even.

It was a scrappy match between a couple of the league's lowest ranked teams. Some encouraging impressions were Javier Morales' blazing freekick late in the match. Was it his first touch on the ball? That's what my memory wants to believe - as he only came in a few minutes before - so we'll say that it's so.

Now all three Argentine imports have each tallied a goal for RSL. Looks like we got a good batch of tomatoes.

Another warm fuzzy I recall from the match was the play of newcomer Yura Movsisyan. It was nice to see a coordinated big fella up front chancing down loose balls and challenging LA defenders. His play wasn't fantastic, but I found it promising - mainly due to the fact that he's a different style of forward than a Robbie Findley. The two together could pose lethal once they get used to each other.

The year seems to be ending about the same as the two previous for Salt Lake. A few good results come in mixed with some well-faught ties and a couple of crippling losses.

As if any of that really matters, or is on the mind of the RSL fan. I think I could speak for many supporters when I say that all we care about at this point is beating the Crapids on Saturday.