Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Olympic Qualifying Memories

Just a couple of RSL related impressions I had from the US-Hondurous Olympic Qualifier on Sunday. Bear in mind that this was the first of the qualification tournament that I have been able to view, so my opinions and observations only stem from this match.

My first thought deals directly with one of the players employed by the Salt Lake club. From the moments that I saw, Robbie Findley looked pretty well contained by the Honduran defenders. His bright moment came in the second half when he skied over his defender to reach a header that he spiked hard inside the six-yard box, beating the Hondurous goalkeeper, but ended up caroming off the crossbar.

The other, and more lasting, memory I came away with from watching our U-23s was that I was grateful for RSL goalkeeper Chris Seitz. He didn't play in the final match against Hondurous. That role was given to Dominic Cervi, who was taken as the 12th pick in this years MLS draft by Chicago. Although, apparently he has yet to sign a contract with the Fire. As long as he doesn't some how trade places with Seitz at RSL, Salt Lake fans should be okay.

Cervi did not look well at all. It wasn't really the goal that he allowed that bothered me. To be fair it wasn't Cervi's fault entirely. Any defense that allows an attacker that much to crack a shot like the one that Georgie Welcome hit in the 103' deserves to get scored on. Cervi looked his weakest coming off his line.

The most glaring example was when Cervi watched as a Honduran cross bounced comfortably across the middle of his six-yard box. The US goalie didn't budge. Salt Lake should be extra happy that Seitz is in Utah and not Cervi.