Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Draft Day and RSL

It's draft day!

With Seattle Sounders FC expanding the waistline of the league next season every team was asked offer up some players to fill the new team's roster. For the most part there were no shocking surprises from the RSL staff. Like many of the commenters on the Behind the Shield post the protected 11 is exactly who Salt Lake wants to keep.

Most of the unprotected players listed below are not necessarily easy decisions, but when you compare most of them with the players who are protected, and keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft - Seattle can only pick one player from each team - the list makes perfect sense. Here are my reasons why.

1. Andy Williams - I don't think RSL intends on loosing Williams. I think they're banking on the fact that he's closing in on the end of a quality professional playing career and only has a few years left on the pitch.

2. Nathan Sturgis - A young prospect such as Sturgis may be a surprise to some, but if you look at his injury track record since he's been with Salt Lake it's hard to say he deserves to be in the protected 11. With that said, a lot of people around the country are very high on Sturgis, and RSL could be putting him out there as bate so that Seattle doesn't draft away some of the more experienced players on this list.

3. Dema Kovalenko - I didn't realize this, but if you take the current RSL roster and sort it by birthdate Dema is #2 on the list of oldest players, just behind Cletus. I could see Seattle going after Kovalenko, and it would be sad to see him go. He's been a quality contributor for the Red-and-Blue.

4. Kenny Deuchar - The good doctor's role for RSL as a target man worked well for much of the seson. I think he could be a dangerous player in the right system. If he doesn't get taken up north I still think he could be a valuable player for RSL.

5. Ian Joy - Another player with the potential of getting picked. Joy one consistent trait this season was his inconsistency. His errant passes were painful to watch the playoffs. But, he still provides a quality option as an outside back for any MLS side.

6. Clint Mathis - Oldest player on the team. Seattle might go for him to see if RSL will work a deal to get him back. But, I doubt that. Cletus is pretty safe, in my opinion.

David Horst, Brennan Tennelle, Kevin Reiman, Kyle Reynish, and Tino Nunez are all reserves. Thus, it's no surprise they're on the list. I could see Reynish going as an understudy to Keller, but of these boys I would guess Nunez has the best chance of getting drafted.