Friday, August 19, 2005

Is he dead?

written: 08 july 2005
This story is a little past due as far as relevance, but by the end I hope you'll see why I waited.

It was not an average night on the job for this journalist. I was told by the Metros press officer that the team was high-tailing out of Salt Lake that night, thus I only had a few minutes to get my interviews. Working quickly I talked with Coach Bradley and the captain that night, Jeff Agoos. Just as I was wrapping things up with Ante Razov, he stopped in mid-sentence focusing on something behind me. I turned to find a lifeless body of Metros player lying face down on the locker room floor. I stared for what seemed like several minutes and was brought back by Ryan Saurez telling me not to go and write anything about what was happening.

At the direction of the Metros press officer I left the locker room. As I left he also told me not to write about the incident. In the wirlwind of everything I thought the man on the floor was Agoos. All I could think about while getting back up to the press box was whether he would make it. At the time I had no idea what was going on.

It being Independence Day a fireworks show commenced, and then stopped. Then I noticed the ambulance down by the player's entrance. Now my imagination went into over drive. Still thinking the player down was Agoos, I thought he was for sure going to die and that his last action in this life would be talking to me. The whole concept really weirded me out, to the point that I really didn't enjoy the fireworks.

Returning to the press box to write my post game story I had yet another person approach me and told me not to write about what happened in the locker room. I think their point was abundantly clear. But, how could I focus on anything else?

It's a good thing I didn't write anything about it, because I found out later it was a different player all together. Mark Lisi, not Jeff Agoos, collapsed and was taken to the hospital. I was still concerned for him, but not weirded out so much. I hadn't talked to Lisi that night.

It turns out that Lisi was released from the hospital the following day and had no lasting effects from fainting.

do i even count as a blogger?

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