Thursday, May 04, 2006

SL County Mayor Peter Cartoon

When it was announced Wednesday that Salt Lake County was going to deny RSL funding to help with the stadium project in Sandy, the news broke on most every medium and has already been blogged about repeatedly.

So, by the time I got home I figured the issue was dead and I didn't need to write about it. That was until I caught county mayor Peter Cartoon on Fox 13 News Thursday morning. What struck me was how nervous and rigid Cartoon looked as he took questions.

I would figure that a man who, in his mind, just saved the county $35 million would feel pretty comfortable about his decision. And you'd think a politician would feel natural in front of a camera. Cartoon looked neither. While he fielded the questions, giving the normal "the numbers don't add up" answers I could see in his eyes the real reason why the county denied RSL the money. As loud and clear as the beats of Samba Gringa ringing out at Rice-Eccles Stadium, Cartoon's rigid behavior screamed, "Why didn't I help Real build a stadium in Salt Lake county? Because Larry Miller told me not too!"

In all seriousness, let this news galvanize all RSL supporters. Make a special effort in getting out to the game this Saturday. We're playing the Crew (who are struggling) kickoff is at 7pm. Do everyone a favor and bring a friend...then tell them to do the same.


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