Wednesday, April 05, 2006

UPDATE: Sergio Flores not in Portland

Photo of Sergio FloresIt seems that the enigmatic Sergio on trial with the Timbers this last weekend was not Sergio Flores, but rather Sergio Iniguez. My first clue was seeing Flores at the gym this morning - in Logan, UT. He knows me as "the crazy guy at the gym who knows who I am and talks to me," so I asked him about Portland. He looked puzzled. I mentioned that people had thought he was on trial with the Timbers and his exact quote was, "it wasn't me."

When I made it over to the forums to inform the Timber faithful, they had already figured it out. Mainly due to the pictures, which I had not previously seen before writing the previous post. To compare, Flores is pictured above in his RSL kit. The Sergio from the trial is pictured in green below, and Sergio Iniguez is pictured as well. Looks like a closer match than with Flores.

Sergio at Timbers TrialSergio Iniguez

Thanks again to the folks over at for the Iniguez pictures.


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