Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yeah it's late...but oh well you're still reading it

What can I say about the Dallas game that hasn't already been said. The team's on-field attitude improved and it was a closer result because of that. If RSL were to follow the natural progression of things they would tie the Red Bulls in Salt Lake this weekend and then beat the Dynamo in Houston the next. Or, maybe those should be switched...

To be honest I only caught the first half of the game last week. I was already in Salt Lake and so I made my way over to a fan gathering at Iggy's. It was fun to be with fellow RSL supporters, and great to see the good number of people gathering at Iggy's, as I know there are multiple gathering spots for RSL supporters around Salt Lake.

My night went quite well actually. I saw the good half the game, where Klein tucked away a curling free kick and then I left at half time for a sweet show. The great part about the concert was that I didn't have to sit through the several opening bands. We showed up to the venue just as the last opener was finishing up. Some friends saved us some great seats and we only had to watch the band we wanted to see.

If you're curious, we saw a band called The Format, a great set of musicians from Phoenix. I recommend their music highly.

As for RSL, at least the boys look and play like they care.


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