Sunday, April 22, 2007


The 2 games this past week have offered an interesting dose of perspective. After falling to Salt Lake in extra time on Wednesday night Kansas City largely felt that they controlled the game and that Salt Lake simply capitalized on the two defensive mistakes that were made on the night.

For large portions of the match against Chivas on Saturday in Southern California RSL also dictated large portions of play with their control of the possession. It's a fact that is invisible - and truthfully, at the end of days like this, doesn't matter - when the box score shows a 4-0 result in favor of the Goats.

There are so many things better left unsaid. Although, I will say that I enjoy Robin Fraser's analysis. It's refreshing to hear someone with extensive knowledge of the league, and not just the game. Even if the highlight for me was a technical point that he made. That favorite moment of the night was when he talked up the skill level of the Salt Lake midfield and stressed the importance of utilizing that advantage over teams, and just as the words fell from his lips an RSL defender sends another long ball out of the back - bypassing the midfield.

So it was an ugly road loss, for their sake let's hope that it was a fluke and Salt Lake now has it out of their system. Of course, they would also do well to get a couple other things out of their system while they're at it...and maybe add a thing or two as well.


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