Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BASA! Nearly a week's worth of votes!

Due to a close encounter with a vegetable slicer to the tip of one of my fingers it's been a challenge to type these last few days. Now that I'm back, here's - nearly - a weekly review of my BASA votes.

Young Player of the Year

(Under 23 on July 1, 2006. From this list, those eligible are Jeff Curtin through Altidore)

1- Kenny Cooper
2- Freddy Adu
3- Marvell Wynne

Kenny Cooper and Freddy Adu were not hard picks for the BASA Young Player of the Year award. Not only were Cooper's 11 goals second to only team mate Carlos Ruiz's 13, but 6 of those goals were game winners. With far less hype than previous years Freddy had a very solid year. His steady play at midfield has been a key contribution to United's success this season. As for the third spot, there were a lot of deserving young players. But, Marvell simply seemed to play more like a veteran than most.

Midfielder of the Year

1- Christian Gomez
2- Dwayne DeRosario
3- Andy Dorman

Another quick and easy vote for midfielder of the year. Gomez has been an incredible force for a loaded United team. And although it doesn't count in the voting, he's carrying that form into the playoffs scoring 100% of DC's first round goals.

Like I mentioned in my arguments that Dominic Kinnear be considered for Coach of the Year, I'm completely impressed with the Dynamo. The team has gone through a load of adversity and produced results all thorugh it. De Ro is the catalyst for his team. He's always hustling and putting the ball in the net - 11 times over.

Dorman's getting my recognition because through the ups and downs of his Revs teammate performances and health it was Dorman who was the steady engine who drove that drove them through the crap, playing in all 32 games and leading New England with 10 assists.

Old Player Of The Year

(33 or over on July 1, 2006. From this list, those eligible are Onstad through Abundis)

1- Jason Kreis
2- Chris Armas
3- Paco Palencia

The criteria used for this award was mainly my impressions of their play this season. None of them would really jump off the page with their statistics, and yes they each have probably had better years when they were younger. But, I could not deny that Jason Kreis gave everything he had for RSL this year and because of that he did a lot of dirty work while Jeff and others got much of the glory. Armas is a player that you rarely should notice and you rarely do. His job at holding midfield isn't glamorous, but he has done it well this year. I know it's not common to have an RSL supporter voting for Chivas, but every time I saw Palencia play he would always do something that would impress me.

Forward of the Year

1- Jeff Cunningham
2- Carlos Ruiz
3- Kenny Cooper

A forward scores goals. Jeff Cunningham scored 16 goals. That was more than anyone else this year, thus he is the top man at his position. For the other two spots I followed my gut, and that meant not voting for Razov who was third in league scoring with 14. The combination of Ruiz and Cooper felt more dangerous to me. Of course, this could have a great deal to do with that fact that the Dallas Duo scored a combined five goals on RSL this season.


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