Friday, April 08, 2005

So it begins...

On the evening of April 2nd two teams took to the turf at Giants Stadium, and one of them bore the name 'Salt Lake' across their chest. The anticipation leading up to this point was overwhelming. Nerves were on edge. Months and months of planning, long hours of working and organizing and discussing all came down to this one moment. And I'm sure the players felt some anxiety too, but I'm talking about the fans! Now tell me as a fan that you never felt nerves over the start of a new season, or the playoffs, or in this case the start of a franchise? This was a huge moment for us. It's the moment that closed the chapter on preparation and opened a new on supporting an actual group of players that we identify as our team. A living breathing team.

There was our team, beacons of white with red trim, in the wind and rain. Discussion about the events on the field would center around the 50 mph winds, the unpredictable flight of the ball, power outages, and the play of the wet turf. Rightfully so the score ended at zeros, because in reality it was two teams vs. the weather. For me the actual game was a downer. The result was fine, but what happened between kickoff and the final whistle hardly resembled a beautiful match. In fact, some where in my mind I've come to the conclusion that the game at the Meadowlands didn't count. RSL's season TRULY begins this next Saturday in Los Angeles where the weather has a much smaller chance of being so influential in the outcome of the game.

Victoria Street, what some LA folk call the Home Depot Center, will be packed and rockin' to welcome Landon Donovan back to the league. If LD can link up with Jovan Kirovski the Galaxy will be scary offensive threat. Of course, at the other end of the pitch I wouldn't want to be, Galaxy goalkeeper, Kevin Hartman having to face an offense with Dipsey, Kreis, Williams, Mathis, and Rojas coming at me. Not to mention the possibility of Kreamalmeyer or Watson coming off the bench to ignite the RSL offense.

From my (totally unbiased ;)) vantage point I feel that RSL have the edge this weekend. The LD factor could totally prove me wrong, but I think RSL can get the goals they need to get their first win in franchise history.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Colin Lewis said...

If I were a casual sports fan struggling to find interest in a 0-0 tie game of a soccer match, what are you going to tell me to convince me that it's exciting? Sure the weather was a big contributing factor to low goal and shot production in this game, but I still have a hard time believing that the average American Sports fan will convert into a soccer fan with 0-0 draws. What do you say to them? Or do you go back to an overtime, shootout, some other rule change?

At 11:02 AM, Blogger cvmacboy said...

For sure I don't believe overtime or shootouts will cure the critics of the 0-0 ties. History shows that having both of those adaptations to the game only bothered those familiar with the game. Those not familiar didn't really care either way.

To answer your question though, Mr Lewis, I ask you are all basketball, football, and baseball games beautiful? No. There are games that are not as exciting for one reason or another. For a spectator who wanted to see professional soccer this game was not the best example of such. There will be better games, more exciting games to watch in the future.

Thanks for the question!


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